HCEC, What We Do

What do the HCEC’s do?

Landlord Education – Offer rental property owners and managers valuable information on landlord rights and responsibility tomaximizetheir investment including lead hazards, code violations, tenant disputes, written materials such as sample forms. Click here for information on how to order a copy of the Property Management Manual by HAPHousing.

Tenant Education – Information on rights and responsibility tailored to help renters function independently in the private, non-subsidized housing market including information on security deposits, leases and fair housing, help with resolving disputes, access information on lead hazards/code violations and housing search strategies. Homebuyer Education – Basic homeownership education to first-time homebuyers to help them find and finance a home including information on low-interest mortgages and eligibility guidelines and special training for the purchase of multifamily homes, including rental property management and financial planning.

Homeownership Support – Maintaining a home and dealing with unforeseen emergencies can easily stretch the budgets of many owners. HCEC’s offer post purchase education to address problems, which may lead to mortgage, default, foreclosure or loss of the home.


Assistance, Services and Information: HCEC’s are offered through the Massachusetts Nonprofit Housing Association’s statewide network of housing agencies. These agencies offer housing assistance, services and information to low and moderate-income residents of Massachusetts including:

  • Administering more than 15,000 federal and state rental subsidies
  • Developing affordable rental, homeownership and transitional housing opportunities
  • Identifying public/private rehabilitation resources for homeowners and landlords
  • Educating buyers and owners on purchasing and maintaining a home
  • Working with property owners and managers to promote successful and long-term tenancies
  • Providing transitional housing and support services to those at risk of homelessness or presently in shelters
  • Partnership with communities, lenders and government agencies to develop local affordable housing opportunities

For more information call 1-800-224-5124 or visit the website at: www.masshousinginfo.org