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This Program Rewards You For Working! 
Going to work can be a difficult decision. There may be barriers that keep an individual from steady employment. Financial assistance can be cut, food stamps reduced, child care costs rise, transportation, literacy, family issues, past financial problems, etc. We want to help.

What Is It? 
The Family Self Sufficiency program is an employment and savings incentive program for any family that is leased with a Housing Choice Section 8 Voucher. The FSS Program can assist families by helping individuals get started on their way to employment. Achieving these goals leads to saving money and ultimately, economic independence.

Who Can Participate? 
You are welcome to participate in the FSS Program if:

  • You hold a voucher with Berkshire Housing’s Section 8 Program, have a signed lease & contract.
  • Have a willingness to work toward self sufficiency and,
  • The head of your household is 18 years of age or older.

What is in it for me? 
The FSS Program has two main components: Case Management and Escrow Funds. Case Management: Families receive case management services to identify employment goals. Individuals will be assisted in gaining access to community resources and supportive services. Escrow Funds: HUD will deposit funds into an Escrow Account every time your tenant share of the rent is increased due to a raise in earned household income.

What will I have to do?  
Participants work with the FSS Coordinator to develop an Individual Training & Services Plan. This plan outlines goals and services needed to achieve your goals. Participants are required to agree to the service plan and sign a five-year contract.

Why Should I Participate? 
You’ll have an opportunity to build a savings account. Most importantly, when your rent costs go up due to an increase in earned income, your escrow account will grow. Some FSS participants have gone on to purchase a home or a new car with their escrow!

What Kind of support will I receive? 
The FSS Coordinator will help families move ahead to job training and employment through coordination of some of the following: Job Readiness, Self-Esteem Budget Management, Stress Management & Parenting Skills.

For more information, please call or email:

Tina Schilling 413-344-4856 (or email her by clicking here)

Click here for a brochure on the Family Self Sufficiency Program