Building & Grounds Management

Building and Grounds Management

Berkshire Housing is well equipped to oversee, supervise, and monitor all areas of buildings and grounds maintenance and provide project management services for simple to major capital projects.

We provide 24-hour response service for facility related emergencies so the owner can be confident that emergencies are handled promptly and efficiently. The properties managed by Berkshire Housing stand out due to the high standards and attention to detail devoted to routine seasonal and operational work such as snow removal, lawn care, the upkeep of common areas, swimming pool and tennis court maintenance, so those tasks are handled anything but “routinely.”

We also have extensive in house experience coordinating substantial projects like insurance repairs, roof replacements, exterior painting, paving projects and even major building projects.

Employing and supervision of site staff is handled by Berkshire Housing as is the procurement and overseeing the performance of outside vendors and contractors. And because we are located in the Berkshires, our property managers visit sites frequently to review the condition of the property, inspect work that has been done (performance from vendors and employees), and to ensure that there have been no incidents requiring immediate attention.