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Berkshire Housing Development Corporation & Housing Services Inc.
Good Samaritan Homeownership Program
Sponsored by Berkshire Housing Development Corp., Berkshire Fund, Inc., & Local Lending Institutions


Introduction & Background

The Good Samaritan Homeownership Program has been established by Berkshire Fund, Inc., Berkshire Housing Development Corporation and local lending institutions to help low and moderate income families purchase their first homes in Berkshire County.

The Good Samaritan Homeownership Program is a non-profit venture set up to advise and assist income-eligible buyers who meet the bank and program guidelines.

SUPPORT: Education & Individual Counseling

Buying a home is a complicated and confusing experience for most people. Therefore, the Good Samaritan Homeownership Program has been designed to have a strong educational and counseling component; support throughout the entire process.

Homeownership Counseling Program is a series of seminars which discuss:

  • Lending & Credit Requirements                          Click here for class flyer & schedule
  • Legal Considerations 
  • Home Inspection Procedures
  • Budgeting for a Down Payment


  • Advice on Various Financing Options Available
  • Budget Counseling
  • Coordination with Participating Banks to Obtain a Mortgage
  • A Homeownership Counselor to Help you through the Process of Buying your First Home

For more information contact Linda Pensivy, Berkshire Housing Development:  413-499-1630 ext. 100.